1 min readMar 15, 2023

Sex: Sacred and Mundane

Sex is a union and rectification of opposing forces
Masculine /Feminine
Aggression and Tenderness
Taking control and letting go.
In fulfilling and selfless sex there exists something so rare: true balance. It is the union of one of the core "splits" of all creation: masculine and feminine, biological differentation " (yes there are asexual organisims, however humanity has evolved and expressed itself as not asexual, and we are talking about a tapestry as rich as the human experience). This is extraordinary and why many consider it sacred.
The sacredness of sex certainly exists, but it can be experienced or utilized for simple pleasure; for no greater purpose than the act itself.
Also like the act itself, there must be a union between dual forces. It’s sacredness combined with the pleasure that comes from it. Communication is also a critical component.
With this attitude we can begin to come to an understanding of, and the elimination of, sexual repression, violence stemming from sex, and unfulfilled passions.


Sometimes think that I'm completely off, sometimes feel like I'm one of the sanest people alive. Let's see what's more likely.