Reclaiming Eden

The Earth. Our mother. Yes, we’ll consider it a mother. We often say we’re living “on Earth”. No. Did we parachute into this fucking place? We’re living “of Earth”. We are born of it, from all matter and every nutrient it provides us. Most of human civilization, all impossible without Earth’s equilibrium and a little 6-inch layer of topsoil. This rock in space, spinning away. Harboring every action that this species has ever taken. I’ve made the analogy before that the species is like children, and some won’t like that. It’s especially poignant if we’re using the mother analogy, because oh boy, are we going to be disciplined by mama.

What’s that discipline going to look like? More extreme weather patterns. Where it rains, it will tempest. Where it’s dry and hot will become unlivable. These unlivable areas of Earth will only get larger. People will move, creating migrant crises in multiple countries. Freshwater will become scarcer. The deep water systems that produce a lot of our oxygen change, resulting in less of it. It’s going to be a wild ride for those young enough to see it, unless something changes.

I don’t know what else to tell you if you don’t believe we’re having a direct negative impact on the climate. The evidence is there. If you don’t believe it, then that’s because it hasn’t directly affected your life. But it’s starting to affect others. More extreme weather patterns around the world are leading to death and displacement. Ice that shouldn’t be melting is starting to break off. Scientists are screaming at us to listen. And the thought-movers cover our ears. Some will say this is “fear-mongering”. You know what, yea it is. I’m trying to make you afraid. Afraid of few things actually; the consequences of what is to come if we continue, but also the depths of our sustained ignorance and denial. Remember: the responsibility of the followers is to replace the leaders if they’re not advancing the species. Mother is waiting for us to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

No matter what your belief, let this act as your call to arms. Catholic? Eden wasn’t a place we were exiled from and that was sealed away, we’re living on it. No one knows where we came from, but we know that we exist on a place that sustains us (and even the places that can’t we still find a way to surivive in). Patriots? If you love your country, garden the land so you can be proud to say you did your part in sustaining it. Libertarian? Markets can’t exactly exist without a consumer base that can’t live. Billionaire? How’s your empire going to function when the Earth dies? (Maybe you don’t care because you’d have already uploaded your consciousness into a simulation and blasted it into space). No matter who you are, it’s going to affect you in some way. I’ve already mentioned our near limitless potential. This is part of starting that journey. We can’t begin to build if the foundation is crumbling. The Mother is watching and waiting.



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Sometimes think that I'm completely off, sometimes feel like I'm one of the sanest people alive. Let's see what's more likely.