2 min readFeb 16, 2024

Compassion. Always.

If you’ve read anything I’ve written (and if you have, thank you), then the commonality of our nature is something you know I believe in. It’s the single unifying thread throughout everyone’s tapestry. It’s easy to prove as well. We are all the same at the core. The raw base and spark of life exists in us all, the “thing” that stares out from behind our eyes. You are yourself as you’ve experienced so far in your life, but what is the “thing” that is behind all of that context? That is the form of humanity, and further behind that is life itself. Unless you’re an alien, you possess this. So do I, so does every person you pass every day. So, knowing that, it is imperative that you be compassionate. Always.

As we live in an increasingly connected, yet disconnected and isolated world, it becomes ever so important to remember that everyone “is fighting a battle you can’t see”. It becomes increasingly difficult to have proper discourse these days for multiple reasons: algorithms that push you towards masturbatory content that doesn’t challenge your worldview, increasingly polarized politics influenced more by the secret donor branch of government and spineless politicians (not all of them are, there just isn’t enough of them), etc etc.

So, reaching out to connect becomes an almost rebellious act in which you are deliberately challenging yourself and others to recognize the humanity in each other in a society that would rather you not. Status quos rely on limited change and pushback. We start to connect more, we start to recognize our commonality. There’s work to be done of course, things like religion and certain aspects of culture are hard to find common ground on, especially when some are willing to die and kill for them. But, this is the work.

I’ve seen compassion in this time of my life, I’ve been surprised at the people that have reached out to me to help, and find myself moved by their willingness to lend a hand. Compassion is a beautiful thing. It can heal a hurt soul, and unite a broken people. So it should be compassion, always. Through disagreement, through anger, through melancholy, apathy, depression. Its a thread that unites us all, and we can weave something beautiful. I’m swearing to not lose who I am at my core, and keep the thread going. Maybe it resonates with you, and through this unifying emotion can find some healing and meaning in your own life.

With love,



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