A Particular Evolution: Part 2

3 min readDec 23, 2022

A Particular Evolution: The Thought-Movers

So we come to the “how” of this working theory. We’ve established that a mental evolution is needed, one that does away with the framework that we’ve operated on. How we’ve proceeded so far as a species has resulted in us falling woefully short of our near limitless potential. Sure, we’ve advanced, but I’d say the advancement has been more us taking two steps forward and one-and-a-half steps back though repeated execution of the same systems. It has been painfully, painfully incremental and it doesn’t have to be any longer. We’ve established that this evolution can proceed rather quickly due to the nature of thought and its ability to spread even more rapidly in the modern age due to our increased connectivity. But how does it get done?

Some will disagree, but most of us are followers. We pretty reliably conform to social norms, follow trends, and adopt ideology and dogma. This isn’t to say that’s a bad thing, unless of course these ideas block the advancement of the species. Culture forms naturally around shared experience, rituals, and the group’s socially accepted norms. In these cultures are leaders. These people are the key. They are the thought-movers, the catalysts of action, the gatekeepers of results. Sorry to all those who advocate for decentralization and anarchy; society will always form around leaders. As more and more civilizations met and the ambassadors asked “who’s in charge”, the others replied “them, over there”. Nobody threw up their hands and shrugged. There is always someone or people in charge, whether appointed or otherwise. They are a nexus point of the energy flow of ideas and action. They are the bloom when enough energy is devoted to a seed of idea. As to why some are leaders on a global scale, we can cynically say some of the answers include wealth, family, and ruthlessness. These are, unfortunately, the aspects virtually guaranteed to make you a leader right now. Be that as it may, whether through brutal manipulation of circumstances (powerful families staying in power through murder) or innate ability (“natural-born” leaders), they are in charge. Now we’ll talk about the followers’ duty in the leaders continuing to hold their title.

The nature of leadership presents critical challenges. Call them cosmic tests. This is where we see the unconscious yearning of the species to get to that next level, and the failings of those being tested to break through and make it possible. Power is intoxicating. Wielding it is addictive. Like all things, the use of power must be tempered with empathy. It is The Cosmic Test: “utilize unwavering ambition and desire to reach a position where you can control others, and then immediately throw away the very thing that got you this power”. No wonder why only a precious few have gotten there. This really is the core of the issue. I feel like this is our “B.C. becoming A.D.”, a point in which another before/after is created in history. It must be overcome, and its the leaders’ challenge to do so. It’s the responsibility of the leader to carve the path of evolution for everyone behind them. It’s the responsibility of the followers to appoint new leaders if the current ones can’t do this. And followers have failed in this, just as most leaders have failed their test.

Maximus: “What we do in life echoes in eternity”. Those echoes have sounded like screams for eons. All of our history before us and available to see, the same nature present that cannot seem to change. If you’re a leader, answer the Call. It’s okay, you will still have more than you’ll ever need. You will never be forgotten. Neither are tyrants, but tyranny is easy. You wouldn’t be achieving anything that hasn’t already been done, and is re-treading old ground really mean you’ve accomplished anything? If you desire true glory and power, do what has never been done before. What’s more powerful than your essence being carried in people’s hearts and on their tongues as they speak of you hundreds of years later. You will help trailblaze a new era.

Can we do it? Place your bets everyone, because the outcome is how this grand experiment concludes.

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