3 min readDec 20, 2022

A Particular Evolution: The New Framework

Lately I can’t help but feel like we’re the awkward teenage phase between monkeys and god-like beings. Maybe too self-destructive for our own well-being. Too stubborn to change. As for our parents, well. It’s a little weird that we have depictions of the very-similar-looking sky-objects across multiple civilizations, but who knows. Anyway. We’re a species that just can’t seem to get it quite right. What’s “right” in this case? Recognizing that we are animals, but also trying to get so high up the evolutionary tree that we’re swaying by the clouds. Why is that “right”? Why should that be a goal? The first instinct of an organism is to survive, and instead of just surviving, this race could and should be flourishing. We are nothing but potential. We are incredibly fortunate to exist as we do, and our capabilities if properly cultivated are endless. Yes, more people live it ““easier”” today than ever, and our standard of living has grown with time. But many still feel that pressure of the boot on their neck, and it doesn’t matter if, historically, it’s only pressing a little lighter than before. The main mover of action on this planet, currency, more and more is consolidated into institutions and those individuals that run them. But that’s a conversation for another time.

So we could be doing a lot better and the answers seem simple as to how to make that happen. Keeping greed, a baser instinct, in check. This does not mean we squash ambition. People desire to act upon the world in ways they find meaningful and that is their right. We can also develop our sense of empathy. This muscle is weak. We are worlds unto ourselves, but there’s a whole universe out there of other people. What are we but different strokes on the same canvas and whatever other metaphor you see fit to use. The paradigm must shift. We need a new Directive, a new framework on which to operate. Because as it stands, we are children that are failing to reach their potential.

So we come to evolution. Evolution takes time. Millions of years of selection. We may very well evolve physically again at some point, however this evolution has to take place in the formless void of thought. The space in which ideas exist, where knowledge rests, and threads wait to be pulled and spun into action. This concept of “collective conscious” seems to carry some weight when you consider trends, the zeitgeist of different eras, politics, etc. There is no doubt the new ideas will spread if positioned to do so, as thought is instantaneous and this helps us immensely. The internet will only help in this (oh look, more evidence of collective thought), and this is why any attempts to privatize it must be stopped.

What’s the Directive? It’s the motivation underlying collective action. The motivation to further the development of the species and to seek the most benefit for the most amount of people. All action must be taken so that the least harm is done for the least amount of people. Simple, but infinitely difficult. However, the good news is the simple part is thought. That’s it. To change your thoughts is to change tangible reality. The more people working to change tangible reality, the more likely it will. To evolve in our thoughts is to evolve our existence. So far, certain few thought-movers have been setting up the species to fail, and if an organism doesn’t evolve to meet a new requirement, it dies. We have been trying from the moment of recorded history to meet that requirement of sustainable peace with each other and not getting there. We’re spiraling towards that bleak future and our inevitable end. This isn’t optional.

I mentioned thought-movers. They are the “how” of this theory. We’ve already established the “what” and “why”. In a word, they are the leaders. More on them next.




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